I'm here!!!

Well, this is going the be the mammoth post!! on Saturday 12th Jan at roughly 3am (so really still Friday 11th Jan) my mom’s bloody show appeared (if you don’t know what this means, then you’re gonna need to check out this wikipedia article. (or you don’t really have to) So then, after a bit of panicking and consulting of books… mom decided that this meant that I was probably going to arrive soon, and lay around waiting for contractions to start. The contractions started round about midday to 1 ish in the afternoon, and got more and more regular as the day wore on.

Dad was having a LAN at the time, so I could hear the noise of lots of people just outside!

When everyone left to go home (or onto bars and drinking, well it IS Saturday night!) Mom’s contractions started to get a lot more regular, and was down to about 10 min apart. Since the doc said don’t worry till their about 6-8 minutes apart, mom and dad just mooched round waiting for it. Dad was being nice, and rubbing mom’s back everytime a really bad/hard contraction came.

About 2 am mom and dad decided that it was probably time to make a move, and so got into the car and started driving to the hospital. hiccup number 1… there’s no petrol in the car! So, round the corner to get petrol. Mom’s contractions aren’t really close or anything, so really not the panic stations Hollywood would lead you to believe. After the quick petrol stop, no other incidents till we get to the hospital.

Mom is shown into her labour suite and she tells me that it really was quite nice (I really don’t remember much of the suite!) By now the contractions are more like 4 – 5 minutes apart. They put the foetal heart/contraction monitor on mommy’s tummy and Mom and Dad hear my heartbeat for the first time. The midwife decides that it’s probably also time to call mom’s doctor, and he arrives in time to make the decision that it is right for mom’s epidural.

So, doc breaks the waters and calls the anaesthetist for the epidural. Mom really liked this bit! basically from here to when I get here, mom didn’t feel a thing! In fact she slept through most of the rest of the 1st stage of labour, and in fact had to be woken up for the second stage!

Doc decides to switch off the epidural round about 10am on Sunday morning so that mom can have *some* feeling to start pushing me into the world, but it never really quite wears off! Hiccup number two is when doc discovers that the umbilical cord is wrapped round my neck, and so within minutes, doc brings in the Ventouse machine and I am born!!

Vital Statistics:

Time: 12:17pm, Sunday 13th January
Weight: 3360 gm (7.4 pounds)
Height: 51cm (20.07 inches)


just hanging round
arrgh flash!


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