The Brave Knight

brave_knight_illustrationOnce there was a knight called Tomis. He was one of the bravest knights in the whole world. He lived with the king and queen. They lived right next to a dragon’s cave, the dragon always came to the castle and tried to steal their treasure. One night the king said ‘can you go and kill the dragon tomorrow?’. And Tomis said ‘yes I will kill the dragon for you’. The queen said ‘wonderful, brilliant ,awesome, amazing, super,’. Every knight ran out to fight the dragon in the cave. ‘knights aren’t scared’ said tomis. All the knights agreed with tomis.’you’re right!’ they said. they went in the cave and said ‘we’re scared’. Except tomis. He said ‘stop being babies’ it’s just a cave.

The epic battle was a hard one. But Tomis just kept persevering. Nobody escapes me.

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  1. I love Tomis’ focus on the job at hand. ‘Stop being babies its just a cave’ is something only the bravest knight would say.


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