Talking mimes must die

Talking mimes must die’ is a virtual reality (VR) experience for the Oculus Go. Stefan Rochfort (who I met last night!) is the writer and director, as well as one of the producers. There are two other producers, and their names are Angela Hovey, as well as Aliesha Staples from Staples VR.

In the experience, you are a disabled person called Blaze Bailey. Blaze is a real person with locked-in syndrome. When you have locked-in syndrome, you are unable to move your hands and feet, though your brain works fine.

This VR experience made me feel sad and creeped out at times, and it felt so real, even after because that night I was dreaming I was that person, and I dreamed about what happened after it.

If you have the chance to try the experience yourself, you might feel sad at times, angry at times, and just overall scared at times, and maybe, just maybe, feel exactly like me.

This VR experience was made because Stefan wanted you to know how a disabled person feels when they can’t talk or move. It was also meant to teach you to not laugh at disabled people. You can’t say you haven’t, because you’ve probably called someone ‘lame’, and that means their leg is crippled. Whoever you’ve called lame doesn’t have a crippled leg, you are using the word ‘lame’ to mean a bad thing.

You should try this VR experience because it is just very good. There’s so much different feeling going through you at times and so little sometimes.

You can watch the trailer here!


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  1. Thank you Dylan for what wrote but Beta Aaja is Retired I donot want to worry about the World Its time for me RELAX


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