Minecraft Peace With Nature Challenge!

I made a minecraft world for a challenge the other day! It was called the Minecraft Peace with Nature Challenge

It was a challenge about how the world should be more sustainable, and we had to make a house that had a sustainable way of living.  

I worked in a partnership with my little brother Flynn, and we both worked together to create the world.

The goal of my build was to create a minecraft world where there was no need for the use of fossil fuels, or any resources going to waste. All of the daily needs were sorted out by themselves, without having to buy anything from anywhere. It went from things like building my house underground to conserve heat, to having a basin to collect rain water to use. As well as this, the entire house was made of concrete and wood, which was made and farmed sustainably. 

Check out the embedded video below to see the final product!

You can click here to download the world and have a play for yourself!

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