Colour science

Me: hey papa, does yellow and blue make green?

Papa [while drinking tea]: yes, why?

Me: well, the water in the toilet was blue, then I had a pee, and it went green

Papa: …

Twenty two questions bout mom

Mom got sent this thru Facebook, so I thought I would answer them for her.

  1. What is something Mum always says to you? I love you
  2. What makes Mum happy? hugs
  3. What makes Mum sad? People losing their human rights
  4. How does Mum make you laugh? telling me jokes
  5. What was Mum like as a child? When she was 9 she came to NZ
  6. How old is Mum? 33
  7. How tall is Mum? I don’t know, about 40m?
  8. What is Mum’s favourite thing to do? Eat tofu
  9. What does Mum do when you’re not here? She takes Flynn to Small Poppies and goes to work
  10. If Mum becomes famous what will it be for? being a human rights defender
  11. What is Mum really good at? tidying
  12. What is Mum not very good at? kicking rugby balls
  13. What is Mum’s job? a human rights defender!
  14. What makes you proud of Mum? When we write letters together to the bad guys
  15. What is Mum’s favourite food? tofu
  16. What do you & Mum do together? Karate
  17. How are you & Mum the same? We both like to write letters for human rights
  18. If your Mum was a cartoon character who would she be? Oh from Home
  19. How are you & Mum different? We are at different levels at swimming
  20. How do you know Mum loves you? she tells me all the time
  21. Where is Mum’s favourite place to go? Home
  22. How old was Mum when she had you? 26

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